Yoga practice in pregnancy not only helps pregnant women maintain health, expand hip muscles, increase endurance, but also relax, reduce stress and anxiety. Since then, creating favorable conditions for pregnant women labor and “overcoming” easier. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable exercising, such as walking or swimming, you should look to Yoga.Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy - What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind

Note in the first 3 months of pregnancy

For the first 3 months, mothers should only practice the gentle, most basic movements. Do not practice positions that are too difficult, postures that bring the knee higher than the pelvis, which will affect the position of the fetus are not good.

While performing yoga exercises, mothers should calm down to listen to their body, to see if the body has any reaction to the exercises. Mothers should not try too hard to practice difficult movements, only practice the movements that suit them and must follow the instructions of the coach.

The first three months of pregnancy the mother does not need to exercise too long, should only practice within 15-30 minutes and after the exercise, the mother should go for a walk to relax the body to avoid eating immediately after training . – During exercise if the mother feels too tired, stressed, or more serious is bleeding, stop the exercise immediately and notify the instructor to change the other exercise. more suitable.

Note in the 3 months between pregnancy

Entering this stage, the pregnant mother’s joints are gradually loosening so you should be cautious when practicing Yoga. Do not try to hold a position for a long time, perform the movements very slowly and carefully to maximize the efficiency and avoid injury. Avoid abusing the time to lie down straight on the carpet for too long to ensure good blood circulation to the womb of the pregnant mother.

Note in the last 3 months of pregnancy

At this stage, pregnant women often find that physical movement will be more difficult because the pregnant belly has become quite large. You should perform the standing posture with the support of props such as a chair to avoid imbalance, causing injury to the mother or fetus. In addition, cube props such as rubber balls and straps can also help you move and change many poses in a stable and safe manner.Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy - What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind

Things pregnant women should avoid when practicing Yoga:

  • Mothers should avoid performing excessive body twisting movements, especially the waist and back. This can have an adverse effect on fetal development.
  • Do not curl your body, instead, you can lie with your legs reclining to the sides or lying on the carpet folded to the bottom of your feet like a diamond to expand the pelvis.
  • Do not put the knee higher than the pelvis and do not jump because this will adversely affect the position of the fetus.
  • In pregnancy, you need to identify exercise goals to stay healthy. Therefore, pregnant women should not practice Yoga for too long, causing fatigue and fatigue, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. The optimal time for training should be within 30-45 minutes. After the exercise, the mother should lie down to relax the body to avoid eating and drinking right after the exercise.

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