Eating Well…Made Easy! Online Workshop

Eating Well...Made Easy!These times are busy, aren’t they? Do you often feel too busy to do the things that you know are most nourishing for yourself?

  • You’re rushing home from work and you realize you have NO IDEA what’s for dinner…or…
  • You stayed up too late and didn’t have time to make your lunch this morning, so you eat something from a vending machine…or…
  • You don’t have anything “healthy” in the fridge, so you have something that isn’t good for you for dinner…or…
  • You don’t have time for breakfast so you grab a coffee on the way to work…or…

Sound familiar? There’s a thousand different scenarios of why we don’t eat well.  I know — I’ve used them myself! But now I have a few more tools in my belt, so I don’t need to make excuses anymore!

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU if you’d like to learn how to:

Save TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY while eating HEALTHIER FOOD, and feeling BETTER in your BODY!

This Friday, June 2nd I’ll be hosting a FREE online workshop LIVE at 3:00pm MST. There will be a Q&A at the end, so you can ask me any questions you have on the subject of Eating Well!


Please use the contact form below to sign up! Make sure to give me your best email address, and I’ll send you an invite to the workshop.  By submitting your email, you’ll also get a recording of the workshop to watch later, in the event that you are unable to be LIVE with us. If you know you can’t make it live, you can also use the form below to ask a question and I’ll be sure to answer in the workshop.

(Also, check out the event page on Facebook HERE!) Post here to tell me what you are most hoping to gain from this workshop.

I look forward to sharing some AWESOME tips with you Friday!

All Love,



Free Talk working 2

Would you like to Evolve your Health? This FREE TALK will give you tools to make real, lasting changes in your life! There will be some great freebies, too — smoothies, recipes to take home, and invitation to my yoga class!

I can’t wait to see you!


Sacred Space Mama comes to Ashland, OR!

I’m excited to be bringing this amazing birthing workshop to Ashland, OR! We are still looking for a venue, but the dates are tentatively set for April 12-13, Wednesday and Thursday evening 5-8pm

  • Would you like to feel connected and nurtured by your partner during birth?
  • Would you like to know what you can REALLY expect, and how to navigate the Journey of Birth?
  • Would you like to foster a loving, connected alignment with your partner, that carries you both along your journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, so that you can know better how to support one another during this most significant time for your family?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, 



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#RealFoodieFriday 02.10.17

Ever been to an Indian buffet and had the rice pudding for dessert? I don’t know about you, but that’s my favorite part! The cardamom, the sweetness, the milk…Mmmmm! 

Rice pudding (Kheer) can also be a delicious, comforting  breakfast food. Not to mention, it’s a great way to use that last bit of rice in the pot that isn’t quite enough for another meal. 

It doesn’t really get any more simple than this…

  1. Put your left-over pot of rice on the stove. Any kind will do — basmati, jasmine, short or long grain, white or brown. 
  2. Add enough milk (cow, goat, almond, coconut, or whatever you have on hand) to cover the rice completely. *How much is really your preference — do you like it to be more soupy, or more chunky. 
  3. Add cardamom, some nuts, some raisins, and a natural sweetener. This week I added tumeric (great for treating inflammation, by the way), cardamom, organic whole milk, cashews, raisins, and maple syrup, but you can do any variation of spices, nuts, dried fruit, milk, and sweetener that you like, or have handy.  Sometimes I use honey, or agave. 
  4. Heat on low to medium, stirring frequently. 

That’s it! I hope this saves you some time in the kitchen, so you can spend more time doing what you love! Please comment below to let me know how yours turned out, and what combinations you love! 

Real “Foodie” Friday 2.2.17

Guess what I’ve got in store for you this week? Sourdough crumpets!!! My first memory of crumpets was from many years ago on a backpacking trip in Europe. I had very little money, I was about to get on a small airplane, and I was so hungry! I bought some crumpets and cheese of some kind in a little store connected with the airport, and on my walk to the plane I passed a giant rosemary bush in someone’s yard. I snipped some off to go with my crumpets and cheese on the plane. Mmmmm. It’s a sweet memory for me….

Alas! These crumpets are nothing like those, but they are a staple in my house nowadays, and they fit the requirements for my #realfoodiefriday post! I can’t take all the credit though. All of my various crumpet incarnations have been inspired by this recipe in Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther. 

It all starts the night before when I feed my sourdough starter and put it somewhere warm and cozy for the night. Last night I did things a little differently. Rather than feed my starter in the jar and leave it out, I decided to put most of my starter in a glass lidded bowl with a couple cups of flour and enough water to make a good texture (not thick, but not runny). I also added in granola this time, which I don’t usually do. The night before is when I add in whatever dried fruit and nuts that I want to use as well. That way, the dried fruit can reconstitute and some of the phytic acid in the nuts gets broken down, making everything more easily assimilated (which is also the reason for soaking the flour overnight). 

When I woke up this morning, magic…..

See all of the bubbles? Fermentation! That’s what we want. The mixture is bubbling and has doubled in size. Now we can add equal parts fine sea salt (I like to use Himalayan salt) and baking soda, as well as any spices, or natural sweetner you would like. I chose cinnamon and a little agave. I couldn’t resist showing you the bubbling in action…

Traditionally, crumpets don’t have all of these yummy add-ins and are perfectly round. I used to use round biscuit cutter molds in the pan to keep the neat shape, but then I decided I’d rather have them imperfect for the sake of cooking more at a time like this…

However you make them, I think you will enjoy them, and you can feel good about the fact that you are eating fermented foods!

Here’s the basic recipe:

  • 2 cups sourdough starter (doesn’t have to be proofed)
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda

The only other ingredient for the bare bones recipe is butter, or coconut oil to cook them in the following morning. 

***Just a side note: If you have 2 cups of starter in your fridge, there’s no prep at all for the simple recipe listed above. If you don’t, the. You’ll need to feed your starter the night before so you’ll have at least 2 cups to use in the morning. 

Here’s some combinations of things that I like to add in (nuts, seeds, and dried fruit go in the night before, but spices get added in the morning you are cooking them). 

  • Chia seeds, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds
  • Oats (or granola), cinnamon, and raisins
  • Pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds

You can top with (more butter!) maple syrup or some homemade jam. This morning we used a little homemade plum butter. Yum!!!

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  • Diffuse in the morning to start the day feeling energized and enthusiastic.
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  • Diffuse at work to spark creativity, clarity, and wonder.

Directions for Use

Diffusion: Use one to two drops in the diffuser of your choice.
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Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

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Several people have asked me to share a little about how to eat in such a way that is Nutritious AND Delicious, and that doesn’t mean breaking the bank or spending all day in the kitchen.  So, I’ve decided to share with you something we are eating in my house every Friday.  (*Warning* I must also tell you that I have a very full life as a homeschooling single mama and a business owner, so due to LIFE it is conceivable that there may be some Fridays that this doesn’t go as planned — LOL!) Since eating healthy, real food is super important to me, and I also consider myself to be a “foodie” ( I LOVE delicious, world cuisine)….I’ve decided to call it “Real Foodie Fridays.” I hope you find these posts beneficial, and that they inspire you to incorporate healthier eating habits in your weekly routine.

Here’s this week’s favorite, and the coolest thing about this recipe (other that the amazing flavor and probiotic abundance) is that it’s completely customizable!


Like many dishes in my house, this one came about by accident, but I can’t take complete credit for it, since it’s my take on something that’s been around for a long time called a “Buddha Bowl.” I had soaked a pot of chick peas Sunday night and cooked them Monday morning for the purpose of making hummus wraps on a different day, but because I put off making a labor-intensive recipe that I had planned to make, I found myself with nothing for lunch!

Ahhhh! Quick! What’s in the fridge? You know the feeling, right? When you’re pushed for time and you have no idea what you’re going to put on the table?!  This was my solution: I cooked a pot of brown rice, heated up the chick peas, took the miso paste and my homemade sauerkraut out of the fridge, and cut open an avocado. DONE! Seriously. You absolutely have time for that! You may say “I don’t like chick peas”,  “my husband won’t eat sauerkraut”, or “what the bleep is miso?”, but that’s the beauty of a Buddha Bowl! Here’s the basic break down — a grain, a source of protein, veggies, and something fermented.

To be a little more specific, these are the guidelines I use:

  1. Veggies – Extra points for something living like sprouts.  Other delicious options might be roasted beets, fresh avocado, tomatoes, carrots, sautéed zucchini, or broccoli. What’s your favorite?
  2. Greens – I didn’t meet that requirement with this version, but I usually do. You can simply throw a handful of spinach, arugula, or romaine if you’re in a time crunch, or if you have time sauté some kale, beet greens, collards, chard, etc.
  3. Something fermented – Miso (a fermented soy paste that is oh-so-delightfully rich and delicious!) of any kind, homemade sauerkraut (or a store-bought one that is REAL sauerkraut, not the kind most Americans use — Bubbies is a good brand, if you don’t have any homemade), kimchi (traditional Japanese sauerkraut – spicy!), or any other fermented veggie concoctions you might make/find.  Fermented foods are super beneficial for your intestinal flora (better digestion = better health), and are the original condiment! (If you are new to this idea, google it. Do a little research, and then start slowly. They are delicious, but might be an acquired taste.)
  4. Protein – I usually use different types of beans (garbanzo, pinto, kidney, adzuki, mung, or whatever you have on hand. (Canned beans are quick and easy, but if you can manage to plan ahead enough to soak and cook dried beans, they have more nutrition. Do what works best for you!)
  5. A grain -Some that I tend to use are rice (short-grain brown is my standard favorite), quinoa, millet, or whatever I have a left-over pot of in the fridge!

Here’s all of the ingredients that went into this week’s version…fullsizerender4

And here’s a closer look at my latest batch of homemade sauerkraut.  This one consists of green and red cabbage, a little carrot, lots of fresh ginger, and Himalayan sea salt. SOOOO GOOD!


I hope to do a post on how to make sauerkraut in the future, but it’s super simple, so if you google it I’m sure you can find some excellent tutorials!

I hope you have fun with this easy, delicious, economical, and super nutritious recipe. If you’re looking to budget better, this is a great one to add to your weekly meal plan, because let’s face it — beans and rice are cheaper than meat, and the American diet is full of way too much meat anyway.

Happy Tastebuds & Happy Digesting!!!


P.S. Please comment below if you have questions! And I’d be delighted if you would share this post! ❤


Do You Need a Wholistic Living Coach?

you-have-a-choiceI’ve had some amazing results with the work that I do, but I still feel like many people don’t really know what a coach is and why they would want to hire one. Keep reading…

First off, I am open to working with anyone, but my mission with the work that I do is specifically for Women. I believe that the culture in our current society has done women a gigantic disservice, and that many of us are struggling in our adult lives to live the meaningful lives we envisioned for ourselves. We have become disconnected from ourselves as women, and often times from our source of inner wisdom and knowing. We say “yes” when we mean “no”, and in the same turn deny/sabotage ourselves when we should be saying “YES!” Also, the vast majority of people don’t grow up being made aware of the very tools that would help us navigate the struggle from where we are to where we want to be. That’s where I come in.

I am a woman, mother, mystic, artist. I believe that the path we have before us is a sacred journey.  I coach women to live a wholistically healthy, thriving life of freedom, passion, and joy, aligned with their deepest truth and power.  I want women to know that they are worthy and powerful, and that they CAN live the life they want to live.

I want YOU to know that YOU have a choice!

Where are your growing edges?

  • Would you like to know how to eat better without breaking your budget, or spending all day in the kitchen?
  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re living a life you didn’t want for yourself?
  • Would you like to lose weight and have healthier habits?
  • Would you like to learn how to slow down and appreciate the life you have?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and/or alone in your journey of motherhood?
  • Are you wanting support, education, empowerment for your pregnancy and birth?
  • Do you find that you keep setting goals and then beating yourself up about failure?
  • Do you feel lost as you go through the transition of divorce/separation?

These are some of the areas that I can help you with. Right now I still have a 25% holiday discount on coaching packages of 4 or more, but that expires January 31st and there won’t be another offer this good again.  I will continue to offer specials from time to time, but nothing like this Special Introductory Offer!

Are you ready to do the work? I’ll hold Sacred Space for YOU on your Sacred Journey through Womanhood! Here’s the offer:

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If you are on the fence, call me for a FREE Consultation to see if we are a good fit!  If you are willing to commit and invest in yourself, I KNOW I can get you on the path to living the life you want!

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Getting Real… Inner Evolution


Today I caught myself.  This morning I woke up, and I chose a better way than the day before.  I’m celebrating, because I’m evolving. I’m aware of the choices I made yesterday that aren’t serving me, and I’m choosing to do my best today — to love and accept myself, even though I’ve made these bad choices. It’s taken me a LONG time to get here (Deep Breath), and today it feels good.  I used to always (and let’s get real —  I sometimes still do!) beat myself up emotionally over my mistakes.

In my experience, there are two main ways to deal with failures.  One is to see them from the bigger prospective, acknowledging our mistakes as opportunities for learning, and doing better (I don’t know about you, but this awesome option wasn’t one I was introduced to early in life), and the other is to choose shame and self-punishment.

I’m not proud to say that the latter has been my historical go-to for times when I feel disappointed in myself. I say I’m not proud, because at some point in my adult life I realized that this response takes me further away from where I want to be.  Specifically, this choice keeps me where I am, and even spirals me further down into the darkness.

Here’s an example…Let’s say you have a good habit going of eating super healthy, not snacking between meals, and you’re feeling really good about that. Then, one day you wake up feeling a little down, melancholy, or just not feeling very motivated.  Maybe that morning you choose not to make your green smoothie, you have coffee instead of tea, and you have several cookies between breakfast and lunch.  Then to top it off, the house is a mess, and you’re so occupied with scheduling and planning for work that you neglect the kids that morning and their response to your lack of attention is to act like rabid monkeys, destroying their bedroom in the process of fighting one another incessantly, which leads to you losing it, yelling, and saying things you wished you hadn’t.

I’m painting a picture of one of “those days” (or weeks, or years) where you see yourself stuck in a pattern of making choices that you are NOT proud of.  Have you been there? Your scenario could be completely different — it could be anything that sets you off. In these times, my reaction (to my reactions, ironically — how convoluted is that?) has often been to BLAME and SHAME myself, which only perpetuates the behaviors in myself that I don’t want. Sure it’s good to feel a certain amount of guilt if you hurt someone, but *SHAME* is in a whole different ball park. Shame is keeping it your own dirty little secret, staying in a negative mindset about it, and even punishing yourself.

Here’s some ways that I’ve punished myself — continuing the behaviors that are causing me misery (and driving the nail deeper), denying myself of the good behaviors like self-care practices (eating well, exercising, relaxation…), ignoring life, choosing distraction over self-reflection, etc. Interesting, right?

I’m 41 and I’m just beginning to learn how to have a good relationship with my Self.  I’m learning that I respond better, and bounce back much more quickly, when I’m GENTLE with myself.  Imagine that! Are you wondering what “being gentle with yourself” looks like?  Well, instead of a week of cookie-eating and Netflix-bingeing, it means that when I see my actions are out of integrity with my intention of how I want to be, I call myself out of the “snowball effect” I’ve created (without judging), and into the silence.  I take some deep breaths and get quiet and look at my behavior, knowing that my desire to get past this pattern is dependent upon whether I can ACCEPT myself, pick myself up, be with the really awful feelings that are there for me.  Be with this discomfort with my melancholy that led to the shame, that led to emotional eating, that led to anger, that led to yelling, that led to more shame, and then self-loathing, which got me to the mindset that I don’t deserve help, or love, or self-care. Heavy stuff.  By being with these feelings and paying attention to body sensations that accompany them, I give myself the opportunity to DIGEST all of it, to empathize with my own experience.  To recognize that my tender heart is hurting, and to be right there for my sad/hurt/angry/disappointed/numb Self in a space of unconditional love. This is how we shift emotions. They aren’t meant to be stored in our bodies, or ignored.

Emotions are meant to bring awareness to something we need to acknowledge and deal with, so that they can move on and out of us.

This is NOT easy work, mind you. This is some of the hardest work we can do — re-patterning our brains as adults. After-all, 80% of the brain structures are formed by age 2, so we are talking about literally RE-WIRING. But the alternative is having a life you don’t want, because your body and mind continue to be poisoned by all of the unprocessed emotions that are making your life harder and your outlook more grim and jaded.  So…my vote is for personal growth.  What about you? If you’d like to share, please post any thoughts, or questions below.  I would love to hear about your experiences with your own inner evolution!

Want more? This Thursday (1/26) JOIN ME at 3:00pm Mountain Time on my Facebook page. I will be doing a Facebook Live video talking more about this mind/body work and leading a guided meditation to bring awareness to the inner landscape of our emotions, and the physical sensations that can serve as a map to uncovering and shifting our habitual patterns.


If my words wake up something within you and you feel called to work with me one-on-one, please contact me to set up a consult. I coach women to live a wholistically healthy, thriving life of freedom, passion, and joy, aligned with their deepest truth and power. I want everyone to know that they are worthy and powerful, and that they CAN live the life they want to live. I want YOU to know YOU have a choice!


Sitting in Silence (special offer at the end of this post)

Sitting in Silence has become a regular practice for me and I am so grateful. Why is the pull to distract always more enticing than the quiet reflection that’s necessary? Have you noticed that? When we get knocked off balance by unexpected and uncomfortable situations the EASIEST thing to do is usually to fall back on the coping mechanisms from our past — emotional eating, binging on Netflix, alcohol, blaming others (the list goes on) — all things that take the attention off our Self and put it somewhere else. This is never where healing occurs. The answers lie in the dark. In the silence. In the discomfort itself. In the Great Mystery. All we have to do is turn around and face what we’ve turned away from. Seeing, listening, acknowledging, STAYING. This is where the healing begins. 
Do you need help navigating a life change, challenging situation, or making the necessary changes to propel yourself in the direction you know you want to go? I want to help you. 

If you’d like to work with me 1-on-1, you can take advantage of my New Client Special — 25% OFF 4 Pack Coaching Sessions. 


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