Wholistic Evolution ~ 10 Weeks to Wellness


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Ready to Step into the Next Evolution of YOU?
Everything evolves, right? There is a false perception out there that once we’ve reached adulthood we stop growing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Remember the quote…

The Only Thing that Is Constant Is Change-2

The question is whether we evolve consciously, or unconsciously.
One leads to more and more expansion and ease, and the other inevitably leads to more contraction, discomfort, and stagnancy. I think it’s obvious which is preferable.That’s why I’ve created this 10-week course!

I want to take people on a transformative journey into their conscious evolution!
I’m calling it Wholistic Evolution because during this course you will evolve in your life and habits on EVERY level. There are so many programs out there that offer help with things like — nutrition, weightless, exercise, cooking, mindset, etc., but what they don’t offer you is what sets this course in a league all its own.

Wholistic Evolution-2

Here’s why this course is different…

Two things, in particular, set this course apart from others:

  1. Its approach is Wholistic — meaning that the curriculum is all-encompassing. We are complex beings with many layers — the most obvious being our bodies. But the other layers of our being need attention if we are going to make lasting changes that create the positive effects we want to see in our daily lives. This course covers EVERY layer!
  2. Accountability! I will lead you through the 10 habits and hold you accountable to the weekly habit changes you want to make. I, personally, get on the phone with you every week and offer 1-on-1 coaching calls for you throughout the course, because I want to support your evolution at every step along the way.
  3. Group Evolution — Have you ever been to a retreat or a group meditation? There’s something special that happens when a group of people get together with the same goal in mind. In this case, our common goal is Evolution. The other people that go through this course with you will become instrumental in the energy of the group shifting and evolving in a BIG way. I know some of you are thinking “I’d rather just do this alone”, but when you go it alone your rate of growth is much smaller. As a group, we will evolve dynamically together, each of us carrying the bigger energy of the group to a place of higher integrity and deeper consciousness in our daily lives.

Here’s what you get:

  • 10 Weekly Teaching Calls 
  • 2 Laser Coaching Calls
  • Access to Student Resources Hub with 4 Digital Download Books & Helpful Videos
  • Membership in the private Facebook Forum – Wholistic Evolution Tribe

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