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Benefits of Postpartum Yoga

Everyone knows that yoga is a great exercise for pregnant women. It helps pregnant women easy birth, reduces stress, and keep bright. Not stopping there, the benefits of yoga for postpartum women are also great if you choose the right time to practice.

After birth, the mother’s body lost a lot of blood, having to consume a lot of energy. Not to mention if the cesarean section you also suffered much postpartum pain. At this time, gentle yoga exercises will be a great solution for women to improve health and beauty.

Benefits of yoga for pregnant women like?

After pregnancy and childbirth, women’s resistance will be reduced, easily tired, and infected. Not only does it help restore postpartum physique but it also has many great uses.

Quickly recover health after birth

After birth, especially the cesarean section, you will also have to suffer a lot of pain and exhaustion. Moreover, when the baby is born, the mother must spend a lot of time looking after the baby, which will exhaust you.

At this time, gentle yoga exercises will help blood circulation better, increase flexibility for the body, help you release energy, eat deliciously, and absorb nutrients better.

Help the spirit of refreshing

Doing yoga with the rhythmic and smooth movements will help the mother’s blood flow, help the brain full of energy, and work effectively.

Therefore, after practicing yoga, you will feel refreshed and full of energy. You will no longer be tired, stressed, and pain during pregnancy and childbirth.

Lose weight and improve postpartum physique

Pregnancy and childbirth make a woman’s body change a lot, especially her physique. Most women postpartum gain weight, excess fat in the waist, abdomen, and chest sagging, loose skin no longer smooth and firm as before.

This makes women very inferior and anxious. Therefore, how to lose weight after childbirth safely to ensure the health and breast milk and quickly get in shape is always a common concern of many people.

Yoga helps bones and joints stronger

After a long process of pregnancy and hard labor, the pregnant women ‘s bones and spine are also affected more or less. Yoga practice helps strengthen bones and spine, muscles, and joints more flexibly. Exercises will improve the skeleton as quickly as before pregnancy.

Strengthen organ system activities

Yoga improves the function of organs such as the heart (helps lower blood pressure) and the lungs (makes breathing easier). It reduces the risk of serious illnesses such as stroke, high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels in people with insulin deficiency in the pancreas.

Yoga helps to increase the flexibility and flexibility of the shoulders and back, helping to reduce back and neck pain. Besides, Yoga also helps muscle tone and support weight loss effectively.

How long after birth can yoga?

This is a question many women want to come to this subject. In theory, regular yoga or exercise can be considered safe for a few weeks after birth.

However, this depends on the health of the mother and the advice from her health professional about how long it is possible to start practicing yoga.

In any case, all mothers who have just given birth, whether it’s the normal or cesarean section, are advised to have a suitable time for the body to return to yoga as normal. often.

Postpartum women will be weaker than normal delivery. Women who give birth usually only need 4-8 weeks to recover and start practicing, women who have a cesarean section need at least 4 months for the wound to heal and stabilize before practicing.

Practicing with women having a cesarean section will be a little uncomfortable and painful at the start and should be gentle with previous recovery exercises. You should not exercise too much, which may cause injury to the incision in the process of healing.

These saved when exercising for postpartum women

To perform yoga exercises to reduce belly fat after birth, women should note the following issues:

  • Light workout from simple to advanced. Should follow the instructions of the coach to have the right posture and fluent movements. Once you get used to the practice, you can increase the level of more difficult Yoga exercises and practice them at home.
  • You should start from practicing breathing correctly: Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your nose or mouth. Take a deep breath, sigh to increase the amount of oxygen, and reduce the amount of oxides carbon pumped into your bloodstream, muscles. So you have more energy to practice harder.
  • Do not eat or drink for 4 hours before training for large meals or 2 hours for snacks. For people with low blood pressure, dizziness from hunger can be avoided by drinking milk or tea before exercising. After finishing yoga, you need to rest for half an hour before eating.
  • Yoga is not suitable for people who want to quickly lose weight. Yoga’s weight loss effect is only promoted after a long and regular exercise.

The practice of yoga after birth in the early stages can be tired mothers. However, with just a few minutes of practice each day, this discipline will help you accelerate your recovery process. It helps calm the mind and body, and can even help cope with postpartum depression.

How Do Belly Bands Work for Pregnancy Women?

Most of the pregnant womens feels special, when carrying their baby in her womb. Anyway, as her belly expands and grows, clothes become tight, smaller, and uncomfortable. These days, several women wish to continue using their normal skirts and pants during pregnancy. Unluckily, these dresses become tight around the waistline as the child grows. The best thing to take if you are experiencing this is to get the best belly band for pregnancy. What are these for? Belly bands are stretchy bands of smooth textile that you stick around your bulging waist on top of your skirts or pants. Their job is to cover the opened zipper or buttons and retain the bottom garment from dropping off.

How Do Belly Bands Work for Pregnancy Women?

What is a belly band or pregnancy belt?

A belly band or maternity belt is a piece of attire that seems like a pipe top. It is a broad circular strip of material that is created to fit around your mid-section during gestation. Wearing a belly band can considerably help you during your pregnancy, particularly if you are experiencing lower back pain, or from pelvic pain. Thoughtfully created to make pregnancy more comfortable by lifting your belly and giving back support, you just need to clothe it around your back and allow it to work its magic.

Why would you consider buying a belly band?

Belly band can give you relief without discomfort and can comfortably be worn beneath your clothes so no one will know you are using one. They are created from elastic and breathable fabric for maximum comfort and best airflow. Whether you are at a job, or out shopping, or exercising, maternity belts give many advantages to pregnant women who desire to stay active. They can reduce your joint, back, and muscular pain by strengthening your lower back and baby bump during movements.

Moreover, they can help your pelvic posture by holding the lower back and thorax, thus inhibiting over-extension of the spine. Most significantly, many women have observed that wearing belly band provides extra support to the abdomen and lower back. Furthermore, during pregnancy, a woman’s body changes and this can provoke the first occurrence of stretch marks. Fortunately, belly bands have proved to minimize stretch marks by holding the tummy and restricting them from drooping. Additionally, a maternity belt can be pretty helpful to new moms who experience a separation of the intestinal muscles.

What are the different types of belly bands available?

There are different types of belly bands to choose from. There is the one that you enclose around your back and are ensured with a Velcro band. They are simple to change the size to fit your growing belly during the pregnancy and are likewise easy to take on and off. The other type of maternity belt is the one that is alike to a pipe top that you pull over your abdomen. You can additionally find a camisole-styled belly band, but, this type of belt gives the lightest support.

As every pregnancy is unique, expecting mothers can likewise choose between medium-support, light-support belts, and strong-support belly bands. The light-support ones give the comfort any mother-to-be requires to stay comfy, healthy, and energetic during the pregnancy. They add confining and help support the hips, give abdominal and lower back comfort, and restore flexible muscles.

Besides, the medium-support belly bands go all around the abdomen area and are one of the best belly band for pregnancy on the market. Suggested by pregnant athletes, they can help to reduce round ligament pain and hurtful pregnancy back pain. This type of belly band creates warmness and enhanced blood flow to the lower back and supports to reduce the development of stretch marks.

The strong-support belly bands are prescribed to women who are undergoing extreme back pain, possess pre-existing back difficulties, or who are bearing multiples. These belts are superior to the medium-support ones and close more of the back. Hence, this belt is not suggested for tiny or short women.

How Do Belly Bands Work for Pregnancy Women?

Some of the benefits of using the best belly band for pregnancy

Belly bands help to reduce your pain

Joint and back pain during pregnancy can be disturbing and make it hard to participate in daily activities. Some research reveals that 71 per cent of pregnant women suffer from low back pain and 65 per cent from pelvic girdle discomfort. Belly bands can be used during pregnancy to better support your baby bump and lower back during work, which may end in reduced pain overall.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain

It’s acute and seldom unbearable pain in the lower back near to the tailbone. Belly bands support this area to uphold the joint, which may inhibit pain during activities.

Round Ligament Pain

This pain will occur during the second trimester and is yet another annoying pain of fertility. It’s defined as anything from a regular ache to a keen pain on the front of the pelvis and under the belly.

It is caused by the additional weight and stress on the ligaments that assist the growing uterus, it’s a short pain but a sometimes intolerable problem! The belly band will assist to spread the weight of the baby over the abdomen and back, which may further relieve the burden on the round ligaments and decrease pain.

Belly bands provide gentle compression during activities

Gentle compression of a belly band can better support the uterus and decrease discomfort from movement during daily activity. Too much compression on the belly can weaken circulation, and it can create negative impacts on blood pressure. It can likewise contribute to indigestion and heartburn.

Pregnancy belt provide external cues for posture

The belly band for pregnancy gives you the external signs to your body to help proper posture. By strengthening the lower back and torso, belly bands support correct posture and avoid overextension of the lower back. The normal “swayback” form of pregnancy is because of the excess weight being carried in front of the body in combination with the weakening and stretching of essential core muscles that hold the spine.

Belly band let you engage comfortably in daily activities

Exercise during pregnancy has several positive health advantages and the research in current medicine survey shows that prenatal activity has a positive impact on health.

Exercise improves muscle tone and strength and reduces the incidence of depression, hypertension, and diabetes. Several women are incapable to exercise or continue serving during pregnancy because of discomfort and pain. Wearing the belly band for pregnancy can help reduce discomfort and empower participation in everyday activities, resulting in financial and physical benefits.

Belly band can be worn after pregnancy for support

Many pregnant women see that using a belly band postpartum gives additional comfort to the lower back and abdomen, reducing discomfort. The belly band for pregnancy can be helpful to women who have undergone a separation of the uterine muscles by physically carrying the abdominal muscles back together. Combined with particular exercises, this may

Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy – What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind?

Yoga practice in pregnancy not only helps pregnant women maintain health, expand hip muscles, increase endurance, but also relax, reduce stress and anxiety. Since then, creating favorable conditions for pregnant women labor and “overcoming” easier. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable exercising, such as walking or swimming, you should look to Yoga.

 Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy - What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind?

Note in the first 3 months of pregnancy

For the first 3 months, mothers should only practice the gentle, most basic movements. Do not practice positions that are too difficult, postures that bring the knee higher than the pelvis, which will affect the position of the fetus are not good.

While performing yoga exercises, mothers should calm down to listen to their body, to see if the body has any reaction to the exercises. Mothers should not try too hard to practice difficult movements, only practice the movements that suit them and must follow the instructions of the coach.

The first three months of pregnancy the mother does not need to exercise too long, should only practice within 15-30 minutes and after the exercise, the mother should go for a walk to relax the body to avoid eating immediately after training . – During exercise if the mother feels too tired, stressed, or more serious is bleeding, stop the exercise immediately and notify the instructor to change the other exercise. more suitable.

Note in the 3 months between pregnancy

Entering this stage, the pregnant mother’s joints are gradually loosening so you should be cautious when practicing Yoga. Do not try to hold a position for a long time, perform the movements very slowly and carefully to maximize the efficiency and avoid injury. Avoid abusing the time to lie down straight on the carpet for too long to ensure good blood circulation to the womb of the pregnant mother.

Note in the last 3 months of pregnancy

At this stage, pregnant women often find that physical movement will be more difficult because the pregnant belly has become quite large. You should perform the standing posture with the support of props such as a chair to avoid imbalance, causing injury to the mother or fetus. In addition, cube props such as rubber balls and straps can also help you move and change many poses in a stable and safe manner.

 Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy - What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind?

Things pregnant women should avoid when practicing Yoga:

  • Mothers should avoid performing excessive body twisting movements, especially the waist and back. This can have an adverse effect on fetal development.
  • Do not curl your body, instead, you can lie with your legs reclining to the sides or lying on the carpet folded to the bottom of your feet like a diamond to expand the pelvis.
  • Do not put the knee higher than the pelvis and do not jump because this will adversely affect the position of the fetus.
  • In pregnancy, you need to identify exercise goals to stay healthy. Therefore, pregnant women should not practice Yoga for too long, causing fatigue and fatigue, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. The optimal time for training should be within 30-45 minutes. After the exercise, the mother should lie down to relax the body to avoid eating and drinking right after the exercise.

 Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy - What Do Mothers Need to Keep in Mind?

Sacred Space LIVE Today!

During trying times, it can be hard to stay centered and in touch with that part of ourselves that is constant, that is LOVE.  Would you like to learn how to cultivate more sacred space in your daily life? Would you like to feel at home in yourself no matter what craziness is around you? Join me LIVE today at 1:00pm Mountain Time on the Sacred Space Healing Arts Facebook page here:

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I have been in business in Lander for just over two years, and in that time I have had the wonderful pleasure to help many of you find greater ease in your bodies and in your lives.  As you may know, I offer services in a variety of areas, and with that in mind I’ve decided on a name change that I feel reflects my offerings as a whole.  It’s not THAT different, but I wanted to let you know that my business is now….Sacred Space Healing Arts.

I am also very excited to tell you about some new things I’ve been working on!

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If optimizing your body, mind, and overall well-being resonates with you, please call me to set up your initial consultation session.  I have a GREAT special for existing clients, and several plan options. In case you’re wondering what an Optimal Health Coaching session looks like, it’s very individualized so I can’t tell you exactly what YOURS will look like, but I can tell you that some of the things I draw from in sessions are:

  • Therapeutic Bodywork (Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, etc.)
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Talking (Mirroring, Counseling, Planning, etc.)
  • Psychosomatic Body Scanning
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Education (about the body, food, modern neuroscience, helpful practices, etc.)

More exciting offerings are in the works, including a free mini webinar course called “Optimize Your Life”. If you’d like to keep up with all that’s going on at Sacred Space Healing Arts, please add me to your contacts to make sure these emails never end up in your spam folder. Also, if you have a friend you think would benefit from the work I do, please forward this email to them!

So Much Love,

Meditation for #StandingRock

TONIGHT at 6:00pm, come to Nourish your Spirit, Mind, and Body, AND Come to raise the energy to send Healing Love and Support to Standing Rock. #WaterIsLife #NoDAPL #LoveWaterNotOil
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Sacred Path of the Warrior YOGA starts THIS Tuesday 10/11

Sacred Path of the Warrior


Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

by donation (suggested $10-15, or whatever you can afford)

We all want to feel happier, healthier, and in tune with our highest self,

but sometimes it feels like “LIFE” gets in the way.

YOGA can teach us how to walk the Sacred Path of the Warrior in every day life. 

What does that mean?

It means we THRIVE, not just survive. 

It means that our choices reflect our deepest intentions. 

It means that we have compassion for ourselves and all other beings.

Bring your wise self and see how the ancient teachings of

Yoga can transform you life (body, mind, and spirit) for the better!

EVERYONE is WELCOME in this Real Life Yoga Class!

Sacred Space Yoga 177 N 4th St, Lander Questions: Call Jess at 349-4986

Yoga 101: a Journey into Healing

Today is a PERFECT Day to BEGIN! Over the next two weeks the Tuesday night yoga classes will focus on  BEGINNING a JOURNEY of HEALING through YOGA. If you are NEW to YOGA, this is the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME TO START! Please call/text/email me with questions. You DON’T need any fancy yoga clothes, just COME AS YOU ARE!❤

With Love,

Calling all LOVE Warriors!

I believe that LOVE is the most powerful force there is.  Love truly does conquer all.  Let’s not pretend — we ALL have fears of inadequacy. We all have times where we doubt ourselves, our capabilities, or that the good we do outweighs the negativity we experience. WE ARE NOT ALONE in that.  Even though it feels like these darker, shadow feelings separate us from others, it is precisely these experiences that connect us so deeply to one another. Here’s the key…we have to reach out in love to another even in the face of our fears in order to experience the ONE-ness that we are. In our current world, we have to be LOVE Warriors!  What does this have to do with YOGA, you ask? Everything! Yoga is all about real life, conquering the fear in our heads to be more present, and live life more fully on our own terms! If you don’t believe me, then you HAVE to come to my classes to find out: Tuesday nights at 6pm (177 N. 4th St — more contact info on the yoga page you can click at the top of the page).

This weekend I was so deeply inspired by a young woman, Lyla June, whom I found on facebook who was sharing the Love and Truth and Beauty that is her gorgeous self, and shining the Light for other Love Warriors. Here’s an excerpt from what I read, as well as a video link and a link to her exquisite website:

“They say that history is written by the victors, but how can there be a victor when the war isn’t over? The battle has only just begun, and Creator is sending his very best warriors. And this time it isn’t Indians and Cowboys. No, this time it is all the beautiful races of humanity together on the same side, and we are fighting to replace our fear with Love, and this time bullets, arrows, and cannonballs won’t save us. The only weapons that are useful are the weapons of Truth, Faith, and Compassion.”

~ Lyla June

Check out her AMAZING post and video on Facebook here:

And her beautiful website here:

I’m holding you ALL in the Light! May your week be filled with LOVE. May you act with courage even in the face of fear to spread the love of all!❤


Post-Labor Day Yoga

This week’s Tuesday night yoga class will focus on letting go of the “busy-ness.”  Now, I’m not talking about being lazy here. I’ll be the first to admit that it feels GOOD to get things done — to cross something off your “To-Do” list.  Accomplishment is NOT to be confused with the proverbial “busy-ness” that plagues our lives, our culture, and our society at large.

I’ve been noticing that when I am rushing around I don’t feel good.  At those times when I’m rushing around because I’m running late, my head is spinning, and I’m juggling 8 different things while trying to get out the door, I hate myself.  I hate life. I hate how I react instead of respond, and I hate how I treat my kids in those moments.  In those moments all the joy and love I have for life is sucked out of me, and all I feel is anxiety, fear, my heart pounding, worry, anger. This isn’t how I want my life to be. Nothing about it is how I want to live, feel, think, or be.

I’ve caught myself recently on a few occasions and realized that I’d rather be late than harbor all of those negative feelings that corrupt my life and my kids’ lives.  Very recently I caught myself AGAIN and this time I just had to cancel what we had going on and BE with the fact that we all needed some down time.  What SWEET RELIEF I felt after just making that choice to BREATHE and CHOOSE LOVE!!!

I can only speak for myself, but I think there are many others out there that believe as I do.  I want to live my life, giving attention to what matters most instead of running around giving all my attention to things that don’t matter at all, with the idea that once they are taken care of I can then, finally, focus on what really matters.  Let’s face it, living like that doesn’t EVER make time for those things that matter the most, because when everything else is your priority, then those things that fuel us (AND THAT WE LIVE FOR!!!) always come last.

Post-Labor Day Yoga

So…if you feel as I do and want to make a valiant effort to choose what matters most, please join me for yoga this Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. In yoga we do plenty of the “yoga” you see in pictures and videos online, but we also do the real yoga of LIFE! Yoga is WAY more than a pose, it’s a way of living that helps us cultivate the lives we want to BE in. Come check it out!

If anything here spoke to you, please leave a comment below, and like us on Facebook and Instagram!