“The two 
main causes 
of illness are 
Too Much Food and 
Too Many Thoughts.”More isn’t better.

You probably know that intuitively, even though our culture doesn’t currently support this truth (or your intuition for that matter). What can you do when all of the messaging around you is the OPPOSITE of what is Healthy and Whole? I have TWO answers. Both require a little effort on your part, but are easy peasy! Ready?
1) Make a commitment to yourself to find moments throughout your day to sit in silence. Sit well. Close your eyes. Tune into your breath. Listen for what arises within you. First you might sift through lots of thoughts, but let them pass through your mind without grabbing hold of them or examining them. Like the way clouds pass in the sky. Soft. Quiet. Spacious. Slowly allow more space between thoughts and more space within your mind and body. Deepen your breath. Settle into your Being. Let your jaw relax. Face soften…….
FEEL GOOD? (More of this will begin to help you align to your intuition and deeper truth.)
2) Take my Habit course to hone your awareness of what YOU need to live a life of THRIVE! (Read more about that HERE.)

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Real Freedom

More and more, I’m wanting STRUCTURE in my life. I’m seeing how all of the “freedom” I’ve upheld as so important for most of my life, has actually been HOLDING ME BACK!
Thank You!
WHAT?! How did I miss this life memo?

I’ve been hearing it all along, but I believed structure threatened my precious freedom. Little did I know it was the thing I was missing — the thing that would prove to be the container for the freedom I craved so much!

So now the question is…Am I willing to commit to following through with actions that I deem necessary for the results I want, EVEN when I don’t want to do them in the moment? Is it just me, or is it so much easier to feel inspired to wake up before the sun rises the day before, than when the alarm goes off?

Are you interested in learning how you can set yourself up for SUCCESS to…

  • lose weight
  • eat healthy
  • have more energy & clarity
  • reduce stress in your life
  • _________________________ (fill in your own)?

ME TOO!!! Last year I was at the end of my rope with being FED UP with consistently NOT living up to the potential I felt was mine (as a human, a mother, a teacher, etc.), not following through with what I knew was in my best interest, and not being happy in my mind/body/life. I made a choice to try a different way. I found a teacher and a tribe of like-minded folks, and I invested in my SELF.

That choice has proven to be one of the BEST decisions I’ve EVER madeThat’s why I’m sharing my journey with YOU! Over the course of this month, I’ll be sharing a series of FREE workshops about healthy living, including habits that will help you:

  • Tune into your Inner Wisdom
  • Age More Gracefully
  • Cultivate a solid Self-Care Routine
  • Make Better Eating/Lifestyle Choices
  • Reduce Stress

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What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a term that refers to yogic breathing exercises, but there’s much more to be gained from learning to practice pranayama than just taking deeper breaths. The word “prana” actually refers to the vital life force that is within all living things. In Light on Pranayama, perhaps the most quintessential text on pranayama, B.K.S. Iyengar says,

“It is as difficult to explain Prana as it is to explain God. Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels.  It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy. All vibrating energies are prana. All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and electricity are also prana. It is the hidden or potential energy in all beings, released to the fullest extent in times of danger. It is the prime mover of all activity. It is energy which creates, protects and destroys. Vigour, power, vitality, life and spirit are all forms of prana.”

Prana also denotes pure consciousness — mental focus is just one other facet of energy. The practice of “prana” (breath, life, vitality, respiration) – “yama” (expansion, extension, breadth), is the practice of expanding the vital life energy throughout the body. Pranayama has VAST benefits including — mental clarity, increased energy, a calm mind, emotional/energetic balance. According to Iyengar, “through the abundant intake of oxygen by its disciplined techniques, subtle chemical changes take place in the …body…and the practice of pranayama regulates [the] flow of prana thorughout the body…it also regulates…thoughts, desires and actions, gives poise and the tremendous will-power needed to become a master of oneself.”

So much potential gain from some breathing exercises, right?? Whether you’re sold yet, or not, I can assure you that it’s a worthy practice! This is why I created two videos to introduce you to the basics of pranayama.  Regardless of whether yoga is your thing, or not, everyone can benefit from learning how to breathe better. Check out the two videos below and comment below this post to let me know how it goes! I’ll be sure to read all of your comments/questions/suggestions.

In Part 1, I talk about what “prana” is and the importance of sitting properly during breathing exercises. I also teach you how to practice Ujjayi (you-JI-ee) pranayama, along with reclining options for practicing breathing exercises.

In Part 2 I show you how to practice Nadi Shodhana pranayama. ***Note: I got distracted at the end by my kids arriving home. I was afraid someone would come in and interrupt the video, so I ended it without finishing the last round of nadi shodhana. When you practice, continue as long as you’d like making sure to finish with exhaling through the left nostril.

Interested in learning more about Pranayama and Yoga? I’ll keep offering freebies on this blog and my YouTube channel. Let me know below what you’d like to see more of! Or, if you’re ready to dive in deep, check out my 6-week online yoga course, Renew You!

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Vesak Day Celebrations

If you haven’t already heard about this upcoming course, you can read more about it HERE, or you can watch a video where I talk a little about it HERE.

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Invitation to Your Wholistic Evolution

This is an invitation to change your life!

Are you ready to THRIVE? Are you ready to make lasting change? Are you ready to step up and invest in your Self?

I’m sending you this personal invitation because I believe you might be ready to go on this transformative journey with me. Watch the video below to learn more about my upcoming course, Wholistic Evolution: 10 Weeks to Wellness.

We start in 2 weeks!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you! Schedule your conversation this week to take the next step on your journey to Health and Wholeness!

So Much Love!!!


P.S. If you’re a person who likes to see it in print to digest, you can get the details of the course HERE.

Why I Created “Renew You!”

There’s a problem in popular culture (I’m calling it Over-Masculinization) where we are holding ourselves and each other to impossible standards based on a very unsustainable, masculine model of what’s “NORMAL”.

I’m NOT going to paint a negative picture of Masculinity by ANY means. What I want to do is REVEAL the TRUTH of our current predicament. Masculine & Feminine are both necessary and BEAUTIFUL aspects of the same spectrum and in actuality, we ALL have BOTH Masculine and Feminine characteristics in our ways of being.

Masculine is concerned with discipline, rigor, control and is associated with the Sun. Feminine is more aligned with receptivity, emotions, intuition, subtle aspects of being, and the Moon. In Yoga, we call these aspects Shiva and Shakti. You can think of Shiva (masculine) as a beautiful vase, a container, holding the Divine liquid/energy that flows within (Shakti).

The problem isn’t masculinity, in and of itself, but it arises from the disconnection with the Feminine. This effects both men & women b/c no one is meant to be “ON” all of the time. Kate Northrup talks about this and compares it to farming, by saying that we can’t expect a continual harvest. And she’s right!

Guess what having impossible expectations leads to?
Failure, Disappointment, Lack of Confidence,  Depression, Anxiety, and Adrenal Overload!

This isn’t good for anyone! We push ourselves too hard to get “results” when pushing is against the nature of the Feminine, whose role is to Reflect, Receive, and Flow.

When we are in Flow, there is no Forcing. When we are Forcing, we are depleting ourselves and in the Masculine model, there is no time for renewal, so we continue to exhaust our natural resources until there’s nothing left.

In this model, the only way our need of SLOWING DOWN and returning to our essential nature is to get sick or breakdown — neither are optimal, and neither fix the root of the problem. So…we get a little rest and go back to working too hard until the next breakdown occurs, which leaves us more broken than before.

It’s a terrible cycle that only ends in Distress and DIS-EASE.

So…I created “Renew You!”, a 6 week online yoga course to help point YOU back in the direction of Ease, of Flow, of Balance, and lead you toward your Authentic Self and way of Being  — which, by the way, IS a sustainable model and one where you can THRIVE!

I hope you’ll join me!


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Online Yoga Course

RenewYou!I’m so excited to finally be offering an online yoga course, so that I can serve people around the globe who want to learn about yoga and how to apply its ancient wisdom in practical ways for everyday life.

This Course is for YOU if…

  • you are having a hard time getting to the yoga studio
  • you miss your yoga practice, but don’t know exactly what to do at home
  • need a Boost to get back into a Healthy routine
  • you want to feel more comfortable in your body

About This Course…

This is a 6 week progressive yoga course that I’ve designed to reconnect you to your deepest self, reignite your yoga practice, and evolve your habits to bring more ease into your life.

Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • access to a new yoga video each week
  • weekly audio meditation to incorporate daily
  • pdf of yoga sequence to use wherever you are
  • weekly journaling prompts to deepen your experience
  • membership into online group forum for support and accountability
  • 1 private wellness strategy session to help you clarify your path to thrive

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MOVE in the Morning!

Do you MOVE in the morning? Engaging in some kind of breath-body practice where we move and breathe together BEFORE the busiest of the day sets in is GOLD. Another slice of ayurvedic wisdom. You awaken subtle energies that make you feel more alive and free up stuck parts. If you wake up feeling stiff and achy THIS is a crucial new habit for you. Here’s a 10 minute practice to play with today (bed head and all 😜) **If you’re new to yoga, or have some restrictions, don’t do anything that feels like it causes contraction/ compression in your joints and/or spine.**I’m going to be starting an online yoga course soon! If you’re interested in FEELING MORE VIBRANT and LIVING with LESS PAIN and MORE ENERGY, hit me up with your best email in the comments.

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