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How to Heal Your Self


Start with Intuition

It’s no secret that we humans used to have better intuitive skills than we do in this day and age. Think back to earlier times when we lived in harmony with the earth. We harvested, we tracked animals and hunted. In order to track an animal, a person must know how to listen deeply and use their senses in ways that would be considered “supernatural” these days. They are, in fact, SUPER + NATURAL. Sadly, these kinds of skills have been long forgotten in modern “civilization”, but thankfully, they aren’t lost because they’re in our DNA. We all have the ability to sense in more ways than just the 5 senses — sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  “Many neurologists identify nine or more senses, and some list as many as 21.”

Why Do I Need to Tap Into My Senses?

Even though today we might not have a need for the tracking skills, tapping into our ability to listen deeply to our own bodies IS a crucial component to our health evolution. Here’s what I mean by that…

The average American eats more processed, packaged, and what I call “pretend food” than real food and we are only taught that we have 5 senses. We are encouraged to see the doctor yearly (much more for those under 2) and follow her directions for our health. At NO point in mainstream education are we taught how to have a healthy, whole, and happy human body. If you are privy to such knowledge, either you had parents that were “in the know” or you went against the grain and sought out the truth about wholistic health. Given that, chances are pretty good that, like myself, you didn’t grow up with an education in body wisdom. Given THAT, like myself, you’ve probably already got some hits against you in the whole health department. Ever heard that wonderful quote by Maya Angelou?


That’s what I mean by Evolution. As we begin to know better, we learn to DO better — this is the process of evolving your health. And THIS is why we need to learn how to tap into our INTUITION — how to listen deeply to what our bodies are telling us. When we are in tune with our bodies, we know how to feed ourselves for optimal, whole health. All decisions become easier when we listen — how/when to exercise, life/relationship choices, and how to handle situations that come up, etc.


Wholistic Health

Wholistic health (holistic=wholistic) is when we take into account the WHOLE picture of the Self (body, mind, emotions, past trauma, childhood, life circumstances, etc.) as opposed to just seeking a quick “fix” for the symptoms we are experiencing. When we just look for the “band-aid”, then we never get to the root of the problem. Our bodies are smart. When you go for the quick-fix, the body will find another way to let you know about the real problem. If you’re not paying attention, you might think that you have yet another unrelated issue, but in fact, it’s coming from the same source that never got addressed.

Why We Need to Learn to Listen…

Looking for the “band-aid” is how modern allopathic medicine works. In most cases when a person goes to an average doctor, they are diagnosed according to their presenting symptoms without any regard for mental/emotional stresses and without looking at how they are caring for their health, wholistically. This model is how we get into BIG trouble when it comes to our health. Band-aid after band-aid usually, eventually, leads to long-term meds, which are NEVER good for the body long-term, and the saddest part is that it’s unavoidable. When we learn to LISTEN, we take our health into our own hands and we know how to help the body HEAL itself. Someone else will never be able to know what works for you in the way that you do. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to hone your inner compass!

I’ve outlined 5 steps to help you hone your inner compass so that you can put your health back into your hands! If you’re ready, jump on over to THIS PAGE and get the details and Sign Up for the “Hone Your Inner Compass” 5 Day Challenge!
Hone Your Inner Compass

Hone Your Inner Compass!

Hone Your Inner Compass

Join the “Hone Your Inner Compass” Challenge with Jessica Robinson

A 5 Day Challenge to reconnect with your inner wisdom and uplevel your health, while growing your intuition and experiencing more EASE in life!

Sign Me UP!

  • How many times have you read, or heard about, some new fad that you thought was going to be the answer to you getting “back on track” with your health?
  • How many diets, or food protocols, have you given your all just to find out that it, too, didn’t work for you?
  • How many “experts” have you put your faith in, and eventually come to realize that all of their “expertise” wasn’t going to help you?

One More Question…

How Many More Times Do You Want That To Happen?

If you are truly FED UP with the fads, the diets, and the “experts” Telling YOU What YOU NEED, then JOIN ME for this 5 Day Challenge!

I’ll be delivering SIMPLE tips and action steps to help you Hone Your Inner Compass and Learn How to LISTEN + KNOW What YOUR Body Wants!

What You’ll Get:

  • 5 days of tips, videos and practices shared with you via email,
  • worksheets to help you implement,
  • access to a private Facebook Group for support,
  • Invitation to a BONUS 30-minute coaching session with Jessica to figure out your “next steps” ($75 Value).


Holistic Childbirth Education

(Save $47 when you pay by 02/04/18)

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Practical Tools for the Sacred Journey of Birth + Beyond…


Starting February 11th! This 7-week course encompasses the whole of the journey — from understanding the physical (“nuts & bolts”) of pregnancy and birth in a woman’s body to what’s needed within the family unit to how to eat, exercise, and nourish yourself to how to have your best possible birth to navigating parenting choices.

MamaWise is not your “average” childbirth education course! 

This course is comprised of 7 different modules. We will meet in person at 2:00 pm on the following Sundays:

  • February 11 + 18
  • March 4 + 11 + 18
  • April 1 + 8

Some of the topics covered are:

  • How to consciously design your birth experience
  • Education on the physical/emotional progression of pregnancy + labor + postpartum
  • Choices available to women/babies (during pregnancy and the birth)
  • Birthing Positions
  • Prenatal + Postpartum Yoga
  • Massage for Mamas (and their Partners)
  • How to Nourish yourself and baby throughout the journey
  • Rehearsing for the Birth
  • Preparing for Postpartum
  • Meditations/ Visualizations for Birth
  • Creating a harmonious dynamic for your new family structure
  • Empowering the Birth of the Mother

BONUSES included:

  • Email support – I will be available for questions during the term of this course
  • Mini Birth Coaching session – 30-minute phone session with me to discuss/plan/troubleshoot 
  • Audio Meditation/Visualization — mp3 file for you to keep!
  • $20 discount on Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage package (or 10% off a single massage)
  • Group Support through our private Facebook page – you can ask questions, share with one another, and benefit from the group learning experience outside of the classroom
  • PDF book to print out and use throughout the course

Course Investment: $444

 >>> EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $397 <<<
(Save $47 when you pay by 02/04/18)

Register by clicking the button below.

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MamaWise Workshop

This is something I am SUPER Passionate about! As women, we get to experience so many of the BEST parts of mothering, but it’s so common to lose ourselves in the process.

By putting our Selves, our passions, our dreams, and LIVES on hold, we are NOT doing a service to those around us!


In this 1 hour workshop, I’ll show you how to prioritize YOU — why it NEEDS to be NON-NEGOTIABLE (especially as a caretaker) and How to Make it EASY!!!

Mama Wise

Get your tickets HERE.

What’s Your Trajectory?

This is a serious question I have for you. Just to be clear, let me explain what I mean. Whatever your daily/weekly habits are — and by that I mean your habitual thoughts, the things you take in (not just food, but what you see, taste, touch, feel, etc.), what you do with your time, energy, and money, the people you surround yourself with, etc. — these things define you. They define who you are and how you are showing up in your life, but they also define where you are going. That’s what I mean by “trajectory.”

IMG_4150You see, whether you (or I) are conscious of it, or not, we tend to keep doing/saying/thinking the same things day after day. People don’t mean to choose to be stagnant, but without regular “big picture” thinking and without learning how to evolve the way we spend our time/energy/money, chances are we aren’t going anywhere we haven’t already been.

It can feel difficult to change. As I just mentioned, “know-how” is often a factor, but another lesser talked about cause of stagnation is an attachment to how things are. There can be a comfort in the pain, as in maybe it “seems” more comfortable to stay stuck where you are than to trade it for something you don’t even know if you can achieve. This is NOT the voice of Truth, or even the voice of Reason (because, no doubt, Reason would say, “You’ve been here and you know this isn’t going anywhere. You’d be better off trying something different, and fast!“). This is the voice of Self-Doubt, and in order to conquer it, I suggest IGNORING IT, because entertaining it gets you absolutely NOWHERE FAST and the more you listen, the more it talks! Seriously! At each new stage of our growth, there is resistance. This will not change.

Growth may not always be “comfortable”, but everything that you crave so deeply (and is your birthright!) — Wholeness, Ease, Vitality, Freedom, Pleasure, Connection, Time for Yourself, Vibrant Health, and Joy — is on the other side of that resistance. The other side of fear.

I was in South Dakota for a Yoga Health Coaching retreat a couple weeks ago. We talked about Evolution a LOT! My teacher talked about how there are three basic trajectories for people — one that is narrowing, one that is stagnant, and one that is ever-expanding. Let me explain…

  1. Many people get more and more narrow in their trajectory throughout their lives — not intentionally, but it happens.  How many people do you know that are walking around as a lesser version of themselves than when you first knew them? Most of our planet, I’m sure! That’s kind of the common knowledge that’s put out, right? Over time, you get older, lamer, less fun, your health dwindles, and your heading towards the grave. Am I right (I mean about the message we receive)? It’s not TRUE at all, but that’s what most people expect (sadly), and that belief/expectation becomes their self-fulfilling prophecy.
  2. In the stagnant trajectory, we stay kind of dumb to the intelligence of our physiology and our potential. There’s just no real progression in our lives. We experience dis-EASE as a consequence for our habits that don’t serve us, but we make no changes.
  3. And then we have my personal favorite — the Expanding Spiral! When we are on this trajectory, we continue to learn from our mistakes, tap into the wisdom of our physiology, LEAN INTO our GROWING EDGES and actually LIVE OUR EVER-GROWING POTENTIAL!

 If we don’t say YES to wanting more and invest in new ways of growing, then we will keep doing the same thing we’ve always done.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to CHANGE YOUR TRAJECTORY, I have two suggestions —

  1. Sign Up for my 5 Day Challenge “Reclaim Your Life & Body!” ASAP. We start TODAY, but if you’re reading this late, you can still join us! Click HERE to Sign Up!
  2. Schedule a Wellness Strategy Session with me to get clear on your trajectory and how you to change it! Click the button below!

A Celebration of the Life of

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Reclaim Your Life & Body! 5 Day Challenge

Reclaim Your Life IG

Reclaim Your Life! So many of us women are caught up in the “busyness” of day-to-day life that we’ve lost touch with our dreams and our intuition. Instead of experiencing joy, we are in a constant state of overwhelm and burnout.

We have an epidemic in our culture where “stress” has become our normal state of being.

Not only is this terrible for our overall health (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically), but YOU DESERVE BETTER! I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but…You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup!

In the wise words of Ella Fitzgerald, “Somethin’s Gotta Give!”

Whether you are suffering from BURNOUT because you’re overworked, FATIGUE from overwhelm, “MOMMY-BRAIN” from always mult-tasking and sleep-deprivation, or a LOSS of HOPE in your life, THIS CHALLENGE WAS MADE FOR YOU!

I want to give you tools to help you expand time, increase energy, tap into your intuition and potential, and get back to LIVING A LIFE YOU LOVE in a BODY YOU LOVE! 

Ready to Join my 5 Day Challenge? What are you waiting for?!
We start Monday!

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❣️Loving Your Life and Designing More Ease & Joy Everyday❣️Challenge

Over the weekend I ran an impromptu “Weekend Challenge” on Facebook and Instagram. In case you missed it, I’ve put them all together here. It’s simple, but very powerful stuff for transformation! If you’re interested in going further with me, read all the way through to the special offer at the end. ❤

Day 1: Gratitude

For Today, Ponder this…👇🏻
How will you end out this week? Or begin your weekend? How about letting into your heart all that’s supported you throughout the week and taking stock of what insights you’ve gained, what gifts you’ve received, and what might serve you best going forward into the weekend? Start with Gratitude. Make a list. See what’s working already for you. Let all of it in! Receive. Receive. Receive. Without clinging to what has been, or might be, coming to you. With open arms. With a knowing that everything you need will continue to come to you. Always. #heartchakra #gratitudepractice #abundance #morejoy#weekendchallenge #sacredspacehealingarts #easefulliving #lovethyself #ayurvedaAnahata Chakra(Heart Chakra)

Day 2: Desire

Get in touch with what you DESIRE! ❤️💫♐️(If you didn’t read yesterday’s post go back and do that exercise first.) 📜Your desire is a roadmap to living your most awesome life! 🌟Instead of brushing your desires under the rug, give them your attention and let them guide you to using your gifts and living the life of your dreams!
🔮Make a list of all of the things you WANT. 🌈Nothing is off limits! 👈🏼
This isn’t for anyone else to read, so be free and HONEST! You might be surprised to see what comes out. Comment below and SHARE WHAT YOU DESIRE! ………………………….
OH! Before I forget, you can click this link to grab your Free Beginner Meditation Audio! So much LOVE!!
#desiremap #desire#sacredspacehealingarts #designyourlife#weekendchallenge #yogaoffthemat#bereal

Day 3: Your Next Evolution

Today’s homework is to feel into your DESIRE for the next evolution of YOU!
And one small action step you can take to move in that direction.
Check back at for more! I’ll be going deeper into how to LIVE into your next Evolution!
#evolve #selfcare#radicalwomen #evolution#sacredspacehealingarts #desiremap#letdesireleadtheway #howtoevolve#yourconsciousevolution #love#yogaismorethanasana #noexcuses

Day 4: Living Into Your Next Evolution {Embodiment Practice}

As promised, today I share with you a BONUS PRACTICE for living into Your Next Evolution! Pssst…there’s a special (!FREE!) offer waiting there for you! So Much Love!!!
#yourdreamlifeawaits #evolve #yogaismorethanasana #embodiment #sacredspacehealingarts #takingittothenextlevel #wholisticevolution #yogahealthcoach

A Celebration of the Life of

It’s FREE! This is a time that you and I can have a real and honest conversation. I will help you get clear on what obstacles are in the way of your growth and HEALTH.
No strings attached!

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P.S. Want to join my Next Facebook Challenge? Sign Up HERE!

Are you Upper-Limiting Yourself?

I’ve been meaning to connect with you lately — it’s been too long! The truth is that I keep sabotaging myself. Let me explain…

About a year ago I had an intention to start sending out a monthly newsletter to share insights and simple tips for living a healthy, happy life — including yoga, recipes, and various other things I think you’d like to know about. But here we are…one year older and no monthly newsletters to show — lol! Well, I recently had an insight about why I keep putting it off. And, because it’s something we all do, I wanted to share it with you so you can benefit from my A-HA, too!

Have you ever heard the term “Upper Limit”?In his book, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks talks about how we self-sabotage by “upper-limiting” ourselves. He defines it like this:

“Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure.”

Some of the ways we do this are worrying unnecessarily, playing the criticism and blame game, deflecting positivity and compliments, squabbling, and getting sick or injured. The premise is basically that we stop things from getting really great in our lives because, unconsciously, we don’t believe we deserve it. No one does it on purpose, so don’t beat yourself up. In my case with the newsletter, it was perfectionism (which might be a combination of criticism and worry).Getting It Done

Now I’ve learned that a balance needs to be struck between “getting it done” and “getting it right”, and in this case, I’ve been leaning all into the “getting it right” category, and therefore NOT getting it done at all.

Does this resonate with you? I can see how I’ve done this in so many ways throughout my life, but now that I recognize it so clearly, I’m changing how I do things. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Starting with this post (which will also serve as a newsletter to those on my Email List)!

Owning up to behaviors/habits that don’t serve us is the first step in changing them. Now I’m wise to how seeking to get it right sabotages me from getting it done, so when I catch myself procrastinating on something because I want it to be “just so”, I will recalibrate and shift my trajectory towards Getting It Done.

In which ways do you Upper Limit yourself? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below to start the conversation!

EVEN BETTER, take a minute to Schedule a Wellness Strategy Session with me!
It’s FREE!This is a time that you and I can have a real and honest conversation. I will help you get clear on what obstacles are in the way of your growth and HEALTH. No strings attached!

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Fall Into Ease: Free Talk in Lander, WY

October 21. 2017Fall Into Ease

Why do we often seem to make life harder than it needs to be?
We push ourselves too hard to produce. We try to fit too much into each day, live up to the expectations that we “think” others have for us, and then there’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

After all of THAT, there’s absolutely NO TIME left for YOU. Sound familiar? We all do it. That’s why I’m giving this talk. I want to share with you SIMPLE, EASY ways that the wisdom of Ayurveda can help bring more Ease & Energy into your life!

In this Free Talk, I’ll be giving tips on How to Nourish Yourself for More Energy & Mind/Body Ease. If you suffer from Auto-Immune issues, Chronic Fatigue, or if Stress and Overwhelm are part of your daily life, THIS IS FOR YOU!

In addition to Ayurvedic wisdom, there will be healthy seasonal snacks and beverages, awesome freebies, and a giveaway to look forward to! I hope to see you there!

What: Falling Into Ease
When: Saturday, October 21st at 10:00am
Where: Sweetwater Wellness, 628 Main St, Lander, WY


Chances are, you know someone who would benefit from this event. Please use the SHARE buttons below to let others know!


“The two 
main causes 
of illness are 
Too Much Food and 
Too Many Thoughts.”More isn’t better.

You probably know that intuitively, even though our culture doesn’t currently support this truth (or your intuition for that matter). What can you do when all of the messaging around you is the OPPOSITE of what is Healthy and Whole? I have TWO answers. Both require a little effort on your part, but are easy peasy! Ready?
1) Make a commitment to yourself to find moments throughout your day to sit in silence. Sit well. Close your eyes. Tune into your breath. Listen for what arises within you. First you might sift through lots of thoughts, but let them pass through your mind without grabbing hold of them or examining them. Like the way clouds pass in the sky. Soft. Quiet. Spacious. Slowly allow more space between thoughts and more space within your mind and body. Deepen your breath. Settle into your Being. Let your jaw relax. Face soften…….
FEEL GOOD? (More of this will begin to help you align to your intuition and deeper truth.)
2) Take my Habit course to hone your awareness of what YOU need to live a life of THRIVE! (Read more about that HERE.)

Click THIS LINK to Grab Your FREE MEDITATION Audio and start tapping into your Authentic, Intuitive Self TODAY!
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