Welcome, Sacred One! I’m glad you have happened upon this site — a respite from the “busy” world that tells you that you aren’t complete without another product, wardrobe, or diet. Everything you’ll find here is focused on ONE thing — finding the much-needed Sacred Space to reconnect with your Whole Self.

The SACRED is Everywhere...

You are already whole (even if you feel broken — physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, sexually, etc.) and perfect in your imperfections.

You don’t need MORE. What you need is LESS stuff and more SPACE — to think, to settle, to remember, to love who you already are. Here you’ll find healing arts (yoga, bodywork/massage, health/life coaching, birth work, wholistic, healthy living wisdom, and courses) to nourish and assist you on your journey back to loving your Self and your Life!

Would you like to have more clarity around how to:

  • Heal self-worth issues?
  • Show up in your life as who you want to be?
  • Loose the physical/emotional/mental weight you’re carrying around?
  • Take the actions that bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be (i.e. — a road map)?

A Celebration of the Life of